Friday, 30 January 2009


I've just found out that a friend has a pair of the afore-mentioned tights, and the print came off after one wash. On the upside, according to my sources, River Island are in the process of making a rip-off version which is likely to save me a few beans....allegedly.


Things I NEED

There are things I want; there are things I NEED. Not covet, but physically need to hold, own, smell, wear. You get the drift.

An example of which I spotted on Susie's delicious StyleBubble

Hosiery from Bebaroque.

I'm channeling Bush (Kate) to the nth right now.




Monday, 19 January 2009

Can someone get me an in at TV?

It appears that the best high-street AW 09 collection I've seen lives in the Southern Hemisphere. Here. Bar some outrageous holiday, I can't see myself being able to get me some.....pah. Even if I have to fashion it myself, I will be styling something akin to the following this autumn...

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Quite interesting interview with Marissa Mayer on the future for the search engine here.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Forgive the absence.

I fully intend on making my written observations/out-loud thoughts a regular thing, but the post-Christmas no man's land kind of got in the way.

Having over-indulged to the point of nausea, I've spent some time walking, talking, drinking copious amounts of tea and thinking about doing some "proper" exercise...and then thinking again.

Anyway. Boggy Trotter update? I lasted about 13 mins before switching. It was just too much like effort to force myself to endure it for the sake of saying I had, and could now offer a justified "rounded" opinion on it.

I've spent a lot of time in the last few months, watching The Wire. Yes, a little late to jump on the bandwagon maybe, but time very well spent. If you're not familiar, you should be. Shame on you. I, however, have turned into one of those hateful people at parties who bangs on and on and on about how "awesome" it is and thrusts it measures of genius at you in a way that makes you feel a bit dated for not having stumbled upon it sooner.Thus is the power of The Wire.

I'm now done with Season 1 through 4 and will be losing a fraction of January to Season 5 very soon.

This makes a very interesting read if you're already a convert - The Believer magazine in itself is a great source of interviews if you're at all interested in music, film or the counter-culture.

Also been spending some time in the company of some new (to my ears) music, with a focus on Afro-beat. Namely Zola and some early 70's Malian groups. My list of "listen to" bands has also been trimmed thanks to a thoughtful couple of afternoons on the Mac. I'll post up some favourites (for no reason other than to have a helpful bookmark for myself) later. Much.