Monday, 30 November 2009

So Sofie

Is my lovely friend from noo yawk. She is mad though to be fair. Today she told me that she has been using some meds they use for glaucoma patients on her eyelashes to make them grow. Like I said - mad.

However, since eyelash-gate in August ( I had to let my real ones fall out as they'd been welded to some fake Brixton trash ones what was evidently TAR) mine now resemble stubby toothbrushes. Not LOL at all.

I am tempted to try this magic potion. That makes me mad too, right? Better to be mad than have a rubbish face though, non? They are gonna BANG ME UP if I ask for that shit in Boots...

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Balls indoors

Not what you might think.

Just appreciating use of the space, s'all.

Carl Laporte installation at Auto-Italia, Peckham earlier this year.


I don't like them but I cannot fault this piece of inspired ad-marketing. Best of all, its from Cheesestrings my top processed vice.

I couldn't agree more

Sentiment > Execution

so I stumbled upon these on - can't say I'm keen on the finished article but the messaging is BANG ON. I'll be getting my yarn on this weekend...

Saturday, 14 November 2009


from Fail blog. *"hi-five"*

Halloween Costume Win

A delectable pairing

Dominic Jones' new collection - fangs, thorns, GOLD. What's not to like? Not even the press shots to be honest. *covets*

Now where exactly am I gonna get some silver metal talons....

f-off Bella.

I have issues with this.


As much as I enjoy this video, I am vitriolic with confusion. I get GaGa. I know what she's about. I appreciate her creative vision and commend her bravery and nudity (yes, nudity, she has a stonking body so why not show it off). However, this only lends to confound my utter confusion as to why she would pollute such striking visuals and great storytelling with such blatent product placement.

I'm loathed to propogate this shit any further than necessary, but...I...can't...stop....myself. No fussed on the song or the dancing, but I can't...stop.....watching....her (andheramazingsungoggsthanks).


directed by Jason Goldwatch from the house of DECON.........

Official Busta Rhymes Video "World Go Round" ft. Estelle from Decon on Vimeo.

Oi, big 'ed

The aforementioned Eric Testroete, is also responsible for this little genius offering. A giant paper head modelled on his own image, created using computer geo wire-frames. Freaky-deeky I think you'll find....

Turning Japanese

I really wish I was. There's nowhere I want to be more at the moment. This overwhelming urge that colours my every thought has not been helped by my stumbling upon some beautiful imagery taken by Eric Testroete...

Monday, 2 November 2009

I'm in love

with a little truck called Basket!

Daihatsu revealed this little number at the Tokyo Motor Show. Functional, boxy (in a cute way), in pastel, with a removable roof - what's not to love huh??...Daihatsu Basket conceptDaihatsu Basket concept