Monday, 31 August 2009


Karin Dreijer (Honey is Cool, The Knife, Fever Ray). Dribbling actually.

Crushed velvet leggings


A dark grey set from H&M will only set me back a bluey (no Moschino dramas sadly), so I'm not sure what to do. My heart says YES, with a scalloped chiffon black blouse and some patent black booties. So...YES??...


I cant find a grab of the awesome daisy dress in the new Persil ad - arrrrrghhhhh. NEED IT. Its just a massive daisy chain?! You just don't understand....


AKA Lucy Diamond-Phillips, who takes other people's pictures and makes them her own on her Flickr page. JOB ENVY.

“My obsession with old photos started by accident in 2007. I’ve always liked making up stories about people I don’t know and the idea of time travel, and old photos allow me to do both. I have no plans for a book or an exhibition. I’d feel sorry for the photos that didn’t make the cut. One day I might make a magazine on nice paper with photos found across the world so people could tear out the pictures and keep them in their pockets. I’d make issues until the world either ran out of old photos to publish or trees to make nice paper from, whichever came first.”

This is what happens

when you get hammered in Brixton on plant feed.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

A new feature:


Thursday, 27 August 2009

How very Ms Jones, RiRi...

Vogue Italia, September Issue - shot by Steven Klein

I still love her a little bit too much.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

David McCandless - a pie's no good if you cant eat it, right?

I'd like to think I can make the most mind-crushingly dismal information look pretty and engaging (adding funny pictures of animals next to ironic signs counts ok?) but I could kind of use this guy right now.

He hate's pie charts. He's my kind of guy.

Here's an example of what the Guardian/Wired author does so well. Hell, its pretty too.

2 months and 12 days til my birthday YO

so gimme some Whistles love, is it? tarr.

Jane Shepherdson is some kind of genius turning this brand around....accessorise me.

Ain't nothing like some good hosiery

and Henry Holland (whom I don't usually have much to say about) has got me all of a tizzy with these little corkers. Only 10 beans too??! PERF.

I'm more of a Duplex girl, but hey

..this is MINT.

Chiptune heaven courtesy of 8-Bit Trip.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Oh Chloe

The OPF takes a hit....

Monday, 10 August 2009

The future

So, I've been in New York for the past fortnight. Swoon. It was a love affair. One sided. Williamsburg for the majority of it. Coney Island for a hideous fraction.

I'm back a changed and motivated woman. I ran out of paper in my notebook, THATS how good it was. After uploading 900 + images, I couldn't help but feel I might have missed my vocation.

I like composition, structure, form and balance. Making a painting out of a picture. Don't worry, I'm not fooling anyone, let alone myself - professional photography is beyond me now (sadly) - but recognising that I can appreciate detail, and pull together a pleasing frame made me think about where I'm going....and where I'm not.

This isnt the Times crossword so I'll spare you the crypticism. Long and short - I'm determined to make this page less of a stranger and something more entertaining/ useful to read. I'm ALL over it. Stay posted.