Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vasco Mourão. All about geometry.

In school, I went through a (stupid) phase of drawing tiny circles during class. Not out of boredom, but out of compulsion. Small circles of slightly varying size - never concentric, always touching, which created "magic-eye" type shapes if you looked at them long enough, but never the same pattern. Pages. Reams and reams of the damn things.

My father is a graphic designer and illustrator, a skilled technician, trained in fine pen & lightbox, not DTP. Formerly a medical illustrator, he was painstakingly bringing alive the images of bones, muscles, tissue & cells in medical journals before I was born. (NB A newborn image of my good - chubby - self, features in one of these journals...I'm trying to dig it out)

This is the root of my fascination I'm guessing. Never one for the vague sweep - I'm all about the detail. That's where the devil is. ANYWAY, having digressed... Vasco Mourao depicts the world (real and unreal) in a way that makes my brain scream. I. LOVE. IT. Who's stupid now huh? He's made a frigging living out of it.

If I was a chump with nothing more incisive to say, I'd bang on about them looking a bit "Inception-y".

Looksy here...

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