Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hi! I'm famous!

And I haven't a clue how to dress myself!

I am never less than astounded to see "celebrities" who profess to have a modicum of talent (and who clearly have many millions in the piggy bank for it) look utterly hideous in public. I mean, what are their management/PR/"people" thinking??

Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for self-expression, getting to the point of infamy where you can do/say/wear whatever the heck you like, but seriously, when they are still actively trying to climb to the peak of their given profession, are such sartorial mistakes ever forgivable? Why on earth doesn't someone - ANYONE - step in, and grow the balls to say, "Listen love, you look fucking awful. Let me take you shopping..."

Three of the worse offenders in my opinion appear below, in no particular order.

1. Britney Spears
I mean. What is this exactly? And this is recent?! Someone styled (albeit caricatures of) her for both Toxic and Womanizer. She looked kitch, sexy, and well...back to being Britney? If she clearly left all style back in Whats-its-chops, Kentucky, then a) admit you need a stylist or b) surrender to the character you've created a-la- Ms Perry. Its almost like she's torn out her favourite trends from InStyle and spewed them all over herself. Eurgh.

2. Leona Lewis

Oh deary deary me. Nude - GOOD! Fishtail bias cut - GOOD! Sparkly bits - GOOD! All together on a pear shape 20-something-trying-to-break-America?? BAAAAD. And I have seen her wear worse. I'm no Chloe Sevigny by any stretch, but please PLEASE dont turn lovely Leona into Shirley Bassey when she's still a life sentence too young...

3.....and by no means least. Madonna.

She has access to the best clothes from the best designers in the world; has made her directorial debut for D&G; starred in the recent Louis Vuitton campaign; graced the cover of Vogue and Vanity Fair; is one of the most iconic women - stylistically as well as musically....you'd think she couldn't possibly get it wrong wouldn't you?? Hmm. MUM, JUST STOP DRESSING LIKE A 20 YEAR OLD. Just vile. AND she wears fur. Haenous.

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