Saturday, 12 December 2009

Farrelly Bros props

Accidentally ended up watching There's Something About Mary the other night. I completely forgot how fucking funny it is. Such a shame that people tend only to remember it for that stupid (albeit funny the first time around) scene. And also, Sarah Silverman's in it. Did you know that the Cardozo, the hotel that Ted stays in when in Miami is really owned by Gloria Estefan? Nah, neith did I.

"Husband... negative. Children and a Labrador... negative. Tight little package... affirmative."


Ted: I think I still want to look her up.
Pat Healy: Who, rollerpig? Are you nuts?
Ted: You said she was a real sparkplug.
Pat Healy: No, I said buttplug. She's heinous.


The last time I had a pap smear, the guy needed leather gloves and an oyster shucker.


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