Saturday, 12 December 2009

stupid christmas parteeeez

Our all-Agency one insists on us adhering to a "theme". What a fucking terrible idea. Worse when you consider that the theme in question is "NATUTICAL BUT NICE". Bleurgh. It probably came about in the following way:

X: "Hey, how about we have a theme for the christmas party? that will be really fun, what with people having to get dressed up in really funny outfits?!"
Y: "Yeah! that's a great idea! Oh, but hang on....there is a recession on, and people might not want to spend money on outfits that the may only wear about we pick a theme which will be really easy to stick to from clothing people already have?"
X: "Great idea! What about......STRIPES! EVERYONE'S WEARING STRIPES!!...YEAH! NAUTICAL...BUT NICE!! That's do-able right?? it doesnt matter that no-one will look very authentic and everyone will look generically French does it?? NO! lets do it!"

Or how I imagine it to have gone anyway.

I have been researching naval girls from the 40's as I am taking this very seriously. Jewellery obviously isnt a priority, but I've kind of got stuck looking at some of the sweetheart pieces from that period. WELL cute.



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