Sunday, 8 August 2010

I know the feeling.

Loving Steven Burke's work.

Poor Little Trees

They originally lived in the South of France but I fear they may have been..*sniff*..turned into bog roll or something equally mundane and useful. Poor little trees...

So what about Steven?

Born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1982.
Worked for Takashi Murakami during summer 2003 in New York.
Gradueted from "Visual Communication School" (E.C.V.) in 2004.
Became illustrator at Lezilus in 2004.
Created the art gallery Regala in 2007 with S├ębastien Paquereau.
Showed his works at OFR Gallery, Paris in 2008.
Lives and works as visual designer in south west of France.

Has created pieces ranging from sculpture to logotypes, visual identities and illustrations.

To date he's worked with...

Marc Jacobs, April77, Ambiguous, Graniph,
Coca-Cola, la Grande Epicerie de Paris,
Condat, Karl, Santosha, Minimi, T-post...

Here's the M by M work

Marc Jacobs

I love the graphic playfulness of it all. Childlike but really engaging and emotive.


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